Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, I want you to meet a woman I like.

As a little girl, she always wanted to be on the top. She wanted the best grades, the compliments of every teacher, the acknowledgment of her parents. Later she tried to be the prettiest girl in the parties, the coolest friend or the most chill gal to hang out with. She really couldn’t handle the failure and even less being second. Well, she never learned to lose.

Later the girl wanted attention and was willing to be quiet dramatic to get it. For a long time, she was doing anything to get recognition from others. She had her issues but who doesn’t? She was very good at bullsh*tting but God, she was so sure no one could see through it. Everyone could.

Then she met her current boyfriend. Of course, she used her proven tricks: playing it cool, being effortlessly funny, sexy but cute. She wanted to be that person, that overly cool girlfriend but that was the thing: she wanted to. She didn’t believe she was, so she needed constant validation.

I don’t want to exaggerate. She had confidence, and everything was fine, but

she still wanted him to define her, to tell her who she is and what she’s capable of.

And the loved man did the best thing he could. He loved her entirely, unconditionally and he told her that she’s capable of everything.

I think they knew from the first moment that this is the real deal. So it was only natural to have each other’s back and believe in each other.

Eventually, the girl became a woman. Moreover, she became the cool, strong, healthy, proud, satisfied, get-things-done woman she always wanted to be. Because the man saw this woman way before she did.

I am that woman and I love her very much. But she wouldn’t exist without the love of her life.

So today I celebrate every woman but also everyone else who made that woman as badass as she is. 

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