Why the hype about Niksen?

The holland conception of relaxation is so hot right now.

Niksen is about doing nothing but not really the way you think. It’s not like lazy people can finally find the justification to sit in the house and watch Netflix all day long (not that it needs justification by the way). It’s about taking some time between tasks and that way keeping your sanity.

But shouldn’t it go without saying?

Well in Netherland it surely does, because it’s not a fancy word there, it literally means ‘doing nothing’. So I think we have to search for the popularity of ‘niksen’ in cultural differences. In Netherland it’s very important to find a healthy balance between job and private life.

Having enough free time overcomes things like salary or the prestige of your job. And even in the work, they don’t push themselves to the point of mental breakdown or burnout.

But this is how things should be.

When you are tired, deconcentrated, or stressed, you should take a break. it sounds so obvious, right? But we all know what is it like to be in the treadwheel. So much to do, so much to prove, sometimes you hardly allow yourself to go to pee.

That is why niksen (and all the other buzzwords like “hygge” and “lagom“) became so viral.

Because it is so obvious and yet so many people work at a place where they are treated like robots.

It’s a fast world where everyone and everything is replaceable. Of course, you want a break. You want to zoom out, stare at the ceiling, get lost in your thoughts, whatever, you just want everyone to leave you alone for 5 minutes.

Only it doesn’t sound so cool like doing niksen.

Don’t mind me, just doing my daily niksen-time. #niksen #chill #selfcare #healthylife

There ya go. Instagrammable.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that being mentally (and physically) healthy is sexy and people try to find a way to treat themselves better.

But like I said, it should be normal. We don’t have a fancy word for having lunch. It’s a need. Like having free time to live your life and recharge your batteries.

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