Why I quit caffeine and how it worked out

Everything about health benefits, methods, and alternatives. And if you saw the title and your first thought was to get a coffee, this is for you.

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Let me just say that this wasn’t easy for me. I am the biggest coffee lover of them all. I love(d) everything about coffee, but I was a bit shocked to see, how much I depend on it.

The reason

I recently realized that I am iron deficiency anemic. Lately, it got so bad, I constantly felt tired, exhausted, and fatigued, I could hardly get out of bed, sometimes I couldn’t even breathe normal and I had trouble sleeping.

I couldn’t fall asleep until 2 am than the next morning I couldn’t get out of the bed and I couldn’t break the circle.

So I started to read about it and I found a very interesting fact:

Caffeine draws the iron out of your system.

At this point, I realized that coffee is maybe not the “survival juice” that tastes like magic and happiness. So I kept reading and soon enough I knew that my coffee addiction is a problem for me.


  • I get a headache if I miss a cup
  • I am grumpy and unmotivated before or without coffee
  • I have mood swings without my caffeine intake
  • It doesn’t give me energy anymore, no matter how many cups I take
  • I can’t concentrate without coffee
  • After I finish a cup I can’t wait to drink the next one
  • Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all
  • I don’t let anyone else make my coffee (except my boyfriend) because only I know how I like it

Doesn’t sound pretty right? If I would replace the word coffee with weed, for example, it would be crystal clear that I have an addiction. However coffee is not only legal, but it’s also socially accepted and celebrated. When I type “coffee quotes” on Google, there are 335 million results. ONLY FOR COFFEE QUOTES.

Anyway realizing it was the easy part. What came after that was brutal.

My method

Almost everyone suggested that I should cut back my caffeine intake slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms such as extreme headache, fatigue, anxiety, depressed mood, or irritability.

But I wanted to see exactly, which effects coffee has on me so I decided to go cold turkey. I switched for grain coffee which is completely caffeine-free (not decaf) and I also limited that to one cup a day. It has a different flavor but if you love your rituals (like me), it will help a lot to maintain that feeling.


Fortunately, I don’t have to give up my beloved rituals because there are many alternatives to regular coffee.


Fig Coffee

Grain Coffee

Dandelion Roots Coffee

Golden Milk

What happened? The benefits of quitting coffee

My first two days were awful. I felt like a meth-addict. I was very irritated and impatient, I couldn’t work or study and even the smallest tasks took a lot of energy. Which I had not much, to begin with. I felt exhausted all the time, I was constantly yawning and I was always cold and shivering. It was grueling given that I was running on coffee since I was 16.

But then something magical happened.

On the third morning my eyes popped up at 7 pm and I was well-rested, energized, and immediately awake. And that never happened in my entire life before. But this was only one benefit from the many:

  • I became more calm and balanced
  • I am more focused
  • I have amazing quality sleeps – I fall asleep easy and wake up easy
  • I feel healthier and more energetic
  • it’s easier to meditate and get into a peaceful state of mind

Note: I don’t have anxiety but it helps with that too.


I never would have thought that it will change the quality of my life that much but now that I see, I know I won’t switch back. I feel so much better and it’s a huge win for me to take back some control.

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