WFH: sanity is overrated anyway

Is it okay just to catch your breath and be a little irresponsible and lazy during quarantine?

The COVID-19 came, saw, and rearranged our life quicker than we were able to cough. The most important change for the lucky ones (and I hope they know how truly lucky they are) is the change to home-office.

The media reacted quickly and hundreds of articles came out about staying productive and working effectively. The most common tips: wake up early, take a shower, change to daywear.

Well I have a different one:

Be the chaos.

Does anyone try to tell me that I should put on a bra and jeans if I don’t have to? Stay in pajama until 2 o’clock and then put on the dress you only wear on Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Eat carb. Stand by the window and judge people who are breaking quarantine. Drink wine at noon if that makes you happy. If not, then get shit done and stick to your daily butt workout or low-carb diet.

The point is don’t let social media pressure you by saying you can only feel good about yourself during this time if you continue to be a functioning work-monster.

The tips about boosting your productivity are great if you miss your ordinary routine and structure. In this case, it can be useful to stick to a plan.

But for some people going to the office for 8 hours every day is not about wearing a fancy pantsuit, chatting with the cubical-buddies, and rocking the working girl vibe. For them, this time can feel like a vacation. A time-out from the stress and expectations. And that’s okay.

Whatever works for you!

Do it later. Take a nap. Eat the whole cake. There’s nothing wrong with letting go sometimes.

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