Surviving isolation

Am I panicking? Am I going crazy between these white walls? Do I miss going out, clubbing, living the fast life, being with my crew? No. Because I am no fun. And I don’t have a crew.

So yeah. I don’t have a single problem with staying home. I am a responsible person and I know that those in charge (not the politicians, NEVER the politicians) know what’s best for us right now.

So stay in, wash your hands,

and for God’s sake don’t hoard.

Everyone who saves lives and still works hard to hold the economy together: thank you. I know that everyone already told this but come on…

there is no such thing as too much kindness.

Honestly, I always thought of myself as a cosmopolite and I like it that way but right now everyone I love is far away from me and that sucks. Long live the videocall I guess.

Besides that, I nail this quarantine-thing. Maybe I’ll learn to knit. Maybe I’ll dye my hair. Maybe I’ll be a functioning alcoholic. Maybe I’ll finally be able to pull myself together around and actually write more than one post a week. Beware! ViragRocks shall rise! 🙂

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