Shop conscious, save money

Save money, time and energy with some simple tricks.

Have you ever seen a dress and thought to yourself you have to buy it immediately? But time passed and you didn’t wear the dress not even once? Yeah, me too.

One of my most memorable mistakes was a shiny, metallic, golden pair of jeans (as fabulous as it sounds).

It kinda looked like this. (Told you it was fabulous.)

Photo: wheretoget

Of course the moment I saw it I felt the connection and thought my soul needs this and who am I to deny such pleasures from my own soul? This is pretty much how women feel about high heels.

Anyway I was wrong.

But it was still good for something. Specifically to teach me that I should be more conscious and frugal while shopping. So I gathered some tricks that worked for me

to be better with money and make better decisions.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will change if I will buy it? 
  • What can I do with it I couldn’t without it?
  • Does it make my life easier?
  • What areas of my life improves by buying it?
  • Can I spare time and/or money in the long run? 
  • Do I support someone or something? (local shop, artist, ethical shopping…)

Of course you don’t have to answer yes to every question. These are just guidelines. Also, not every product is useful or practical. Some things are good for the soul. So you can also form your questions like this:

  • Does it match me and my personality?
  • Does it make me smile or happy? 
  • Does it reflect my personality?
  • Does it brighten up my living area or my wardrobe?

And the joker question (for me this is always the moment of truth):

When I decide not to buy it, will I still think about it at the end of the day or will I forget about it in 5 minutes?


If heavy breathing intensifies every time you see those big red letters I have to ruin your mood. Most of the sales are generated by stores to make people buy more.

Maybe you think that you make a great deal by buying something half price but if you didn’t even need it then you didn’t save any money, you just spent money.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting to wait two years to buy a new bra because your old one is worn-out but still in one piece. Common sense.

Conscious shopping will help you spare time and save money even if you don’t buy your stuff on sale.


Let’s talk about sustainability for a minute. How can it help you to make better choices while shopping? The four “RE” should help you out.


Of course the cheapest way is to say no. Run the questions above through your system and you will see if you really need it. Maybe it’s just a temporary band-aid to make you forget about the void inside. 🙂


If you like DIY (if you don’t, that’s okay too, it takes about five minutes to sew a ripped jeans for example), you might want to think about reuse your old stuff. Before you buy something new check your wardrobe, maybe you have some great material to work with.


Garage sales, flea markets, second-hand shops, outlets, vintage… Sustainability is sexy, ok?


Think about the life expectancy of the product. How long will you use it before it ends up in the trash? Can you buy organically decaying instead of plastic?


The more you will use something the better deal you made and checking the price-tag can be misleading here. Maybe it is cheap but you won’t be able to use it too long because of the poor quality. Or you won’t even use/wear it that much. What’s the dress code at your workplace? Do you go out often? Does it match the style of the rest of your clothes? Is it good quality and comfortable? Do you know and trust the brand?

Or just think through about how many times or how many hours will you use/wear the thing/clothing item. Split the price with the hour and you have the cost per use.


A little consciousness can improve almost every aspect of your life. You spare time, energy, money, you do a favor for the environment and it gives you a sort of freedom when you realize, expensive stuff won’t make your life better.

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