Pieces of places

Yep, the day has come when my creative energies became so low that I’m here to share my travel pictures/stories with you.

Until now I was okay with the whole quarantine situation, you know I was doing my thing, planning and keeping myself busy… and then one day… bam. Emotional meltdown.

I came across a lot of throwback posts from bloggers and couldn’t help but get nostalgic about my own trips.

Honestly, I don’t miss the travel, I miss my boyfriend who I travel with. It’s no secret (I mean I bitch about it every time) that we are currently in a distant relationship and Coronavirus hit us hard. The distance was already a bitch, but then big nasty ‘Rona came and said: “hold my beer”. And that’s the story of me not being able to see my boyfriend for 3 months.

Bottom line:

I got sentimental.

So let’s dive deep into my mental issues dearest travel memories and let me show you some beautiful destinations definitely worth visiting.


I took a photo of this guy back in 2018 because I thought it looks cute. Funnily enough, it became the most important message of this year. Listen to the soap ghost dudes, he knows what’s up!

Any gamers here? My boyfriend is a huge one (he actually got me hooked too, Halo all the way) and he said that Prague is just like Bloodborne. We looked it up and the world of Bloodborne was actually heavily influenced by Prague. On top of that, we went there in winter so it was a really unique, dark, gothic experience. With lots of beer.

Bloodborne/Prague – Do you see it?


Still Prague, catching huge soap bubbles. Life was good.


Home of good coffee and high fashion. I love taking pictures but I’m just an enthusiastic amateur. I am kinda obsessed with symmetry and shapes of buildings and this photo is one of my favorite.

Puerto de la Cruz

My first real tropical paradise kind of vacation. How could I forget the hot summer nights and the open bar?

Also, this was the first time when I saw the ocean. And I gotta say it’s a pretty big deal. I loved water since I was a kid and I love it now, it calms me, I’m willing to fight for my long hot baths, you get the concept.

Meeting with nature in such a powerful way takes your breath away. And not just because the salty water splashes into your face.

And the black sand is so metal!!!!!!!!!


This is a bittersweet memory of mine because that was the last time I visited my Babe in Amsterdam before Coronavirus arrived. The first time I went to see Amsterdam I was surprised because it wasn’t what I expected. I mean everyone knows the city’s reputation and I guess I had a picture in my head about it too but Amsterdam is so much more than that. It’s almost an offense to go there only for the weed.

My bed is warmer with you in it.


Strong coffee, excellent seafood, beautiful beach. Kinda see myself spending my retirement here, writing in my garden, growing tomatoes and basil, and soaking up in the sun all day long.

My home country

Did I already mention that I am sentimental AF? Even if I love living in Vienna I still miss certain things from my country, Hungary. Not everything, just some things. For example the lake Balaton, the landscapes, the famously good Hungarian wine, Budapest, which should be on everyone’s bucket list and my grandparent’s garden.

I’d very much appreciate if you’d share with me your favorite or most memorable traveling story. And stay cool, we’re almost through!

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