November outfits

Maybe it’s just me, but as the winter encloses us I like to hang my colorful and frisky clothes in my closet and give more space for basic and classic pieces.

Like everyone sometimes I shop on impulse (especially now on the second lockdown when the “add to cart” button seems to become our best friend) but usually, I like to keep it simple.


Shop conscious, save money

Now even more so because we just moved to a very nice but tiny apartment where we need to be smart about storage. To not feel crowded I need a good system.

I like to think in outfits so before I purchase something I take a minute and check if it fits with my other clothes and with my personal style.

This time I put together a minimal visual list with a limited color palette. I enjoy rotating a handful of pieces and I think the pictures will show that. Almost every piece can be combined with each other and the colors and materials go along nicely.

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