My mini spring capsule wardrobe

Full closure: before I started my blog I didn’t care that much about my personal style. And although since I started blogging I put more effort into my appearance and my outfits, one thing didn’t change. My love for casual, minimal style, and basic pieces. Turns out I had a capsule wardrobe before I knew what it was.

Let me tell you, there is 10 degrees and raining outside right now, so… so much for spring vibes. Oh and that one more minor inconvenience THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS IN QUARANTINE. (I wrote a post about embracing chaos and not letting the media pressure you, you’ll find it here.)

So who decided to put her spring wardrobe together despite all of that? Me.

Currently, I felt like losing my spirit by trying to keep the balance between work, college, and keeping this blog afloat. And I am not good with time management so believe me it’s much harder for me than it should be for a functioning adult. But hey, I’m working on it!

So here it goes

This Zara leather jacket puts out probably 70 percent of my personality. It goes with jeans and a dress just as well. I am more a sneakerhead (since my boyfriend introduced me to my beloved Mariah Flyknit) but the red high heel with the leather jacket is one of my favorite combos.

Nothing proves the arrival of spring more than the fact that I wear other colors besides black.

I tried to achieve a balanced look with an oversized denim jacket (okay I stole it from my boyfriend, this is what you wanted to hear?) and a feminine Paper Bag Waist Pants.

The Puma X Fenty Bow Creeper Sandal gets a lot of attention from me lately for the simple fact that it spices up the most basic outfit.

So these are the clothes I would wear outside IF I COULD. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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