My favorite LUSH products

When it comes to cosmetics my main and most important guideline is fighting animal testing. This is how I found LUSH.

The UK based company has a wide selection of

natural, handmade, and vegan products.

They not only refuse animal testing, they only purchase from ingredient suppliers who don’t test on animals.

Oh, and they value ethical buying and use recycled packing. Talking about

voting with your wallet.

I got different shower gels, a body lotion and the R&B hair moisturizer.

Let’s start with the shower gels.

The Olive Branch contains olive oil, mandarin juice, and orange flower absolute which makes it refreshing and uplifting. Bonus: you can also use it as a shampoo.

Yuzu and Cocoa: The bright yellow color alone makes me more energized but there is more: it smells like chocolate and orange. Try this and satisfy your sugar craving!

Bubbly has a playful and sweet scent and a very light texture to take you to a happy place.

It’s raining men: time to get soaked in a sweet and rich honey-rain. It’s perfectly moisturizing, lathers up beautifully and smells like heaven.

The R&B Hair Moisturizer: Rich, soothing, conditioning, softening and it makes your hair incredibly easy to style. I usually use it directly after washing my hair but it works on dry hair too. A true remedy.

Charity Pot is not your typical body lotion. 100 % of the proceeds are donated to good causes fighting for animal rights, human rights, or climate protection. LUSH is completely transparent in this topic, you can find the list of the projets you support with your purchase.

Did you decide to treat yourself with some beauty products during the isolation? What is your favorite cosmetic? Tell me in the comments, I’m always looking for tips!

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