Motivation (alone) won’t get you closer to your goals

Because it’s not enough. It is a state of mind, which comes and goes.

If we are talking about setting and achieving goals, there is this one word that pops into everyone’s mind, but basically just means that you want something. True, in order to get it, you have to want it. But this is the first step and not the tool.

To stick to your plans you need focus, time-management, learning, determination, a plan… but the most important thing is:


When you don’t want to do it and you just start to think that it’s not even that important, then even motivation is what you’re lacking. It’s easy to do something when you want it. But I guarantee, you won’t always want it.

Motivation itself is not permanent and if you only rely on that, your lazy days will turn to lazy weeks and the lazy weeks will turn to giving up.

Self-discipline is what gets shit done. But I understand why this message isn’t so popular and “hashtag-worthy” as motivation. Because it’s not easy or fun. It’s not a life-hack.

It’s work.

Now get up and do the thing you procrastinated until this moment! 🙂

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