I need a break

Lately, I got into a rut but I thought I can just force myself to run faster than my problems. The reason I write this article is that it didn’t work.

I was very keen when I started this project. My knowledge of blogging was little but I was full of ideas and I knew what I wanted. Slowly I got into it, I learned a lot of new things and read a crazy amount of article about blogging. And every time I thought, I got this, some new topic came to my attention and I realized that I still don’t know anything.

In the meantime, I was playing in hard mode. College, exams, work to finance my studies, sport to keep me sane, and a distant relationship in the time of Corona. But I’m not here to whine. This year was overwhelming for every one of us, I’m sure.

Maybe this is why I wanted blogging to be my true passion. Everything else was so uncertain and chaotic, I wanted to achieve this really bad.

But it’s almost 8 months since I got into blogging and just the other day I realized: when I think of blogging, I feel stressed.

It doesn’t give me joy but I’ll tell you what it gives me. A constant urge to create and write although I don’t have good and fresh ideas. Truth be told I don’t want to write about what’s in my bag or what is the clothing in my wardrobe that changed my life and why. I am still very enthusiastic about fashion but I am not a trendsetter. The same applies to beauty. My skincare and makeup routine is the same for years because that’s how I feel good.

Of course, that didn’t discourage me for one minute. I know that Rome wasn’t built in one day. I am a person who loves to learn, improve, and try new things. I also knew that I could improve my style and my writing skills.

And I tried all that.

And sometimes I even got the feeling that I’m on the right path. But now I look back and I feel like I’m exactly where I was when I started.

One of the first things I learned about blogging was that I need a niche and I understand how it’s useful to find an audience and to give my blog a focus. But it only gave me this huge pressure because I felt that I’m not free to write about anything I want. And I love writing. This is exactly, why I don’t want it to become this stressful, compulsory thing in my life.

I’ll be off for some time and I will use it to recharge myself and to think about what I want to do with my blog. I don’t want to quit, that’s for sure, but after eight month of constant struggling changes should come.

If you’ve been there, please feel free to leave a comment. Let’s support and encourage each other!

Thank you,

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, coffee addict.

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