Home is…

…finish the sentence.

When I was a kid I wanted to wear glasses. Now I wear glasses and I hate it. Also, I couldn’t wait to be an adult, because they can do whatever they want and they’ve got it all figured out. So naive, right????

I also can remember that I always wanted to move a lot. In movies, it looked kinda cool and exciting. Mostly because movies make a big deal about everything. You know,

new home, new life, a clean slate, a fresh start, blah blah blah.

So as a kid I imagined that I will move a lot.

And so I have.

I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 19 and since then I moved 6 times. Sometimes to a new apartment, sometimes to a new country. And I gotta say, I don’t hate it. Well, I hate the packing and the chaos, but settling at a new place is one of the best feelings for me.

I am also pretty sure that

every move added something to my personality.

Here are the reasons:

You need courage to move (on)

Leaving the place you’ve always known and the people there can be scary. A lot of people won’t understand your decision and maybe you’ll even get the feeling that you have to make excuses for yourself.

You need to trust yourself

People hold on to what they know. For a lot of them change is bad and means inconvenience. If you decide to change something in your life (small or big) you need to commit and to see it through even if it’s hard.

You need to get stuff done

If you move alone, you need to be ready to solve every problem on your own. You will feel like you can’t keep your head above water. You will have to do hundreds of things at once and no one will take your hand to show you how things work. But it will make you super competent!

You’ll be more open-minded

You meet new people, learn new ways to do things and get the chance to explore a whole new culture. But even if you’re not that outgoing and socially confident, it’s still so badass and I am proud of you!

You can revalue your connections

A little distance helps to take a look at your relationships objectively. It’s always hard to leave your friends and the people you love but thanks to modern technology you don’t have to say goodbye. Those who really care about you will find a way to keep in touch with you and vice versa. 

Not having a home is difficult. For some people unimaginable even. But if you are able not to attach too much, then you will find your inner peace and happiness everywhere in the world. You’ll be free.

For me, home is not a place and maybe it never will but I’ve still got everything.

As long as the loved ones in my life are with me I am home everywhere.

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