Down another day

February: Christmas is long gone, spring is still far away. No way I’m wearing anything else than a sweater and jeans.

It’s the grayest month of all.

I don’t have classes and I don’t have to work that much. At the beginning of the month, I was actually happy to finally have the time to write.

And then… writer’s block hit me. Of course.

Days passed and I couldn’t accomplish the things I wanted which made me anxious. Have you ever got the feeling that the less you gotta do, the harder it gets to do it?

Anyway, I didn’t give up and finally forced myself to get some work done and create this post. Honestly, there is nothing daring in this outfit but right now it’s the one I feel most comfortable in. The same applies to makeup.

Natural and easy.

Fashion and lifestyle blogger, coffee addict.

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