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Although meditating has a lot of positive impacts on your health, many people don’t have the time or the mood to enjoy it properly. Mini meditation can be a compromise for them.

Meditation is a popular way of keeping your mental health but some people still think of it as a boring and sometimes even annoying seance where you just sit and don’t move for an hour.

It’s true that the traditional guided meditation lasts 20-40 minutes and it takes practice, concentration, and a certain mindset. If you think it’s not your style but you still want to take better care of yourself, give mini-meditation a try!

You can do it everywhere

On the train, walking down the street, waiting in a line, etc. This means you can easily fit it into your schedule (even on a busy day) and still can enjoy the benefits of meditation, such as

reducing stress and the chance of heart diseases, decreasing blood pressure, and improving blood circulation.


1 – Breath in and breath out

No wonder every meditation or yoga lesson starts with regulating your breathing. This is the easiest exercise on earth but still very beneficial! When you start to take long deep breaths, your mind goes to “rest and restore” mode. While conscious breathing your mind only concentrates on one thing and you are able to fully rest.

2 – Recognize the tension in your body and let it go

Loosen up from muscle to muscle, lower your shoulders, breathe out all the air until you don’t feel any pressure or tension in your body. If you do it right, you should feel like a ragdoll. A relaxed ragdoll! 🙂

3 – Analyze your emotions

Think through what you feel and put your emotions into words. Name everything you feel – the good and the bad. Why does it help? Because if you label your emotions, your mind will get to a logical state rather than an emotional state and you will feel more in control because you know exactly what’s going on.

4 – Choose one specific activity to attach to meditation

It will be easier to make it to a routine and you won’t worry about finding time for it. Of course, you don’t have to pick an extra hobby, this activity can be the morning bus trip to work, your lunch break, shower, or anything else you already do on a regular basis.

5 – Be grateful

Maybe it sounds like a cliche at first, but it works. Focus on all the good things and people in your life. Name five things or people you are grateful for and think about all the support they give to you. It’s like training yourself to be happy and avoid negativity. After some time you will be able to notice more and more good things in your life and you’ll feel more satisfied!

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