Quarantine: Ideas against boredom

Now you have the time to do EVERYTHING you said you wanted to do. There you go!

  1. clean the house
  2. finish your reading list. or start.
  3. learn something new or pick up a new (indoor) activity
  4. plan your day
  5. play videogames
  6. keep up with your Duolingo lessons. make that owl happy.
  7. sort your old clothes
  8. do a fashion show only for yourself. take lots of pictures!
  9. exercise! plenty of videos on youtube. no excuses.
  10. treat yourself. cook a nice meal, light a candle, wear a dress, open up a bottle of wine, listen to music, take a hot bath. make it an event for yourself. You deserve the best, baby!
  11. try that crazy beauty trick you always wanted to. no one will see your face mask and the tin foil wraps in your hair anyway 🙂
  12. do a movie marathon. personal recommendation: The Lord of the Rings. obviously.
  13. watch old classics, like Casablanca, Psycho or The Godfather
  14. write a short story
  15. draw something
  16. do that DIY trick you saved as a bookmark… probably 2 years ago.
  17. look through old photos and let’s get nostalgic
  18. write a letter to your future self
  19. plan a future trip
  20. make a vision board
  21. redecorate your living space
  22. do sit-ups and push-ups every day
  23. update your CV
  24. meal prep for the next week
  25. make a list of your goals and achievements
  26. get ahead on studying
  27. browse Pinterest and get some inspiration
  28. write a love letter for your partner
  29. make a playlist on Spotify. sing and dance in your living room
  30. call someone you haven’t called in a while

+1 build a pillow fort
This was my personal resolution for my time in isolation. BEST. IDEA. EVER.

Oh and here is someone who doesn’t have a problem with staying in bed the whole day.

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